Run Fest Forster Tuncurry – 2022 Countdown!

The countdown has begun, with only four more days left till the Forster Running Festival!! Run Fest Forster Tuncurry has become a major regional event with both local participation and a large number of travellers heading to indulge in the beautiful region. This is one of the most picturesque run courses you will ever experience”.

The festival will take place in the Forster Main Beach area; so make sure you are there and more importantly get involvedEnjoy the ultimate family day out of fun and fitness.

Sails Apartments have decided to make your preparation one step easier! So please enjoy our guide below and we cannot wait to see you attending this Sunday…


1. Get off your feet as much as mowing this week

2. Freshen up

3. Stretch daily

4. Hydrate

5. Taper this week


1. Try new shoes

2. Go on a new diet

3. Overeat at meals

4. Panic

5. Think too much that you haven’t done enough

Things to remember :

1. Be confident in your preparation, don’t worry about what everyone else has done or is doing.

2. Carb load your meal the night before. Make yourself a yummy pasta, rice or potato dish.

3. Have a good night’s rest – your energy is your best friend.

4. Indulge in a not-so-big breakfast such as Vegemite on toast and a banana.

5. Make sure you have plenty of time to go to the restroom. You will have a nervy tummy, try to relax as much as possible, it is going to be a fun but big day.

6. Hydrate before the race. You must keep yourself healthy throughout the day, so don’t forget to keep sipping on the water before the race starts.

7. Take gels with you so you don’t go hungry flat, there’s nothing worse than seeing stars before you see the finish line.

8. Use the water stations throughout the course so you can just sip and keep going. Try not to stop, as you will slow down your momentum.

9. If you’re running to your goal pace, find the pacemaker with the time he is running, and stick with him.

10. Most importantly enjoy the day. You’ve done all this training and you’ve finally done it!!!

There are events for all ages and athletic levels at the Forster Running Festival. So get away this weekend and enjoy clear skies and spectacular views from the Sails Apartments.

Until then, keep training and the team at Sails Apartments wish you all the best!







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