Fashions on the Field competition guide

Ladies Race Day is just around the corner, 13th May at Forster Jockey Club.

Here are some essential tips to help you succeed in Fashions on the Field competition, sponsored by the one and only – Sails Apartments:

1.Be familiar with the judging criteria: Consult the racecourse official website for information on rules, regulations, dress codes, and registration details. Keep track of registration deadlines – in this case, being fashionably late isn’t an option.

Ladies Race Day 11th May 2024

2. Ensure your outfit matches the carnival season: For Spring events, opt for straw or sinamay-based hats, with outfits that are bright and vibrant. For Autumn carnivals, choose felt or wool-based hats, with darker and warmer ensembles that may include layers and gloves.

3. Embrace classic, elegant styles with a contemporary twist: Outfits that hug the body, inspired by the 1950s or early 1960s, are often successful. Modernize your look with unique accessories, shoes, headpieces, or bags. While pantsuits have rarely won, consider dresses or well-tailored two-piece skirt suits that flatter your body shape and highlight your best features.


4. Opt for high-quality vintage: If you choose vintage clothing, ensure it’s chic and in good condition. Avoid wearing an entirely vintage outfit. Instead, incorporate modern elements to create a balanced style.


5. Choose winning colors: Popular color combinations that frequently succeed include black and white (reminiscent of Chanel), purple, grey (paired with a brighter hue), electric blue, red, and pastel shades of cream, pink, and baby blue. Avoid wearing all-black ensembles, as this is better suited for funerals. Embrace the season’s trending colors, including neon, to increase your odds of success.

6. Keep dress codes in mind for specific race days: Some events may have specific dress codes, so ensure your outfit complies with the requirements to avoid disqualification.


We cannot wait to see you at Ladies Race Day in your FAB attire. If you haven’t booked already there are limited tickets still available on the offical website!

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