Triathlon NSW Club Championships – 2023 Countdown!

The countdown has begun, with only a few more days left until the Triathlon NSW Club Championships!! Up to 1,000 athletes will once again converge on Forster Main Beach to Swim, Bike and Run together in a celebration of everything that’s special and unique about our clubs and the wonderful individuals who are our members.

Club pride and bragging rights are up for grabs, so get your entries in and help your club to be crowned Champions of NSW in 2023!

Sails Apartments have decided to make your preparation one step easier! So please enjoy our guide below and we cannot wait to see you attending this Saturday…

“When you’ve spent over six months building up to an event — including dialing in your training, nutrition, and mental preparation — there’s nothing worse than making a few simple mistakes in the 24 hours prior to the start line.

A rushed morning and a few cut corners can break down your focus and leave you frustrated without a critical piece of equipment, shifting your mindset from where it needs to be for race success”. 

Your training should be complete, and it’s time to focus on tapering. Tapering doesn’t mean complete rest; instead, it involves reducing the volume and intensity of your training to aid active recovery.

Give yourself a much-needed day off as it won’t hurt you. Even as athletes, everyone on the start line second-guesses themselves, wondering if they’ve done enough or not.








At this stage, no training activity will positively impact your performance, so it’s essential to stay fresh and sharp.

Incorporating shorter sessions with moderate intensity will keep you on your toes and fully prepared for the race day. Take time to check all your gear the day before, making sure water bottles are full, nutrition is ready, tires are pumped.

If you plan to wear a wetsuit, take extra time to prepare before the gun goes off. Head to the start with a confident mindset, knowing that you’ve done all you can to prepare for the event. Embrace the day, and enjoy every moment!



So get away this weekend and enjoy clear skies and spectacular views from the Sails Apartments.

Until then, keep training and the team at Sails Apartments wish you all the best!




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