A Series: with the incredible Gabriel Bergmoser

Recently, we had an amazing opportunity to Interview Gabriel Bergmoser!

Let me introduce you to a well known Australian Author, Gabriel Bergmoser. He’s been doing lots of speeches, talks and other fun things around the town. Here is what you missed out on:

1. “What is your inspiration to becoming an Author?”

Gabriel – It comes back to being a kid and having this deep fixation on stories, whether it was a book series – I would become so pathologically fixated on these things. But it would always hit this limit for me, where I’d realise that these stories I love so much could never truly belong to me as they would belong to the author.

That’s what made me want to tell my own. I started drawing from my life, and the things that I enjoyed to the topics that I actually wanted to write about and that’s where I found my voice.

I also think back to high school, and I remember there were definitely kids who were better at English, who were better creative writers, who teachers paid more attention to. The difference was that I had that obsession, I had that passion.

2. “Any real life experiences that influenced your writing?”

Gabriel – I had to find moments or scenes that were reflected with things I’d actually experience, that, you know, either reflected an emotion I’d had or a, an interaction I’d had or, or a thought I’d had. In every book I write, as as far from reality, or as far from my own reality as it may or may not be, I have to make sure that there is something that comes directly from my own life, because I see that as like a little anchor that will make it feel real.

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3. “Do you prefer to write kids or adult fiction?”

 Gabriel – I like moving between kids books and adults books, because it means I don’t get bored of either one. My kids books have like depth and layers and darkness and meaning to them as well. But there are things you can do in kids books you can’t do an adult books, and vice versa. For me to be creatively satisfied, I need to do both.
4. “What advice can you give kids who love reading but don’t have the skill sets or tools to write?”

 Gabriel – There’s no point in doing anything other than exactly what you wanna do when it comes to writing. If you’re sitting there thinking I really wanna write funny books, but I think I should be writing darker, don’t bother, because the artificiality of that and the fact that you don’t wanna do it will shine through immediately. Every story in the world has been told, and the only thing that will differentiate your stories will be that you tell them in a way that is yours.

Passion is also 100% the key. My advice is, if you don’t care about books, if you don’t care about the medium, if you don’t love reading, but want to write books, how do you imagine you’re gonna write a good one? Find your passion.

 5. “Can you give us a sneak preview on what you are working on now?”

Gabriel – I’m working on this sequel to my kids’ book  “Andromache between worlds” which is about a girl trying to save her dad from parallel universe. The first book was quite light and adventures and fun, but this one is a bit darker – it’s a bit thornier, it’s a bit more morally ambiguous, but still with lots of crazy new parallel universes.
I’m also going into another adult crime story, it’s gonna be like a total pivot into something a bit more experimental, while still kind of taking place in that adult thriller sphere.

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